Your data - protected and available.

Store your backups securely and with confidence. Have complete control over your data storage, easily recovering your data from whenever you want and restoring it to wherever you want it.

Our services include:

  • Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS)
  • Workstation Data
  • Infrastructure Data
  • Office365 Data
  • IBM i & AIX Data
— Your Backup matters —
0 %

of SMEs have lost data in the cloud – meaning they have needed to restore from backups


days on average to identify a security breach – meaning backups critical for recovery

0 %

of backups are incomplete – meaning they need constant management

— Your BACKUP matters —
0 %

of SMEs have lost data in the cloud – meaning they have needed to restore from backups


days on average to identify a security breach – meaning backups critical for recovery

0 %

of backups are incomplete – meaning they need constant management

For starters...

Backup solutions support the process of creating and storing copies of data that can be used in the event that the original data is lost or destroyed. This includes establishing the location for the backups, determining what data needs to be readily accessible versus archived, and configuring and implementing backup software to automate the backup process.


With our Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS), we take on the ongoing monitoring and maintenance for backups  - including troubleshooting failed backups, managing updates to backup infrastructure and software. We also provide the technical support required to restore a backup when needed.

  • Reduce business risk: Gain peace of mind by preventing the possibility of total data loss. Have a safety net  and be covered when it comes to regulatory compliance.
  • Focus on your priorities: Backup is essential but it's not typically viewed as a “strategic IT priority”. Our  Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS) takes the backup duties off your hands, leaving you more time to focus on innovation and strategic customer initiatives.

At a minimum, you need to be backing up your data. Data is critical to all businesses, yet it's always vulnerable. Your data is constantly threatened by human error, nature, intentional external attacks (such as cyber attacks) and internal attacks (such as disgruntled employees). These threats cannot be prevented and must be mitigated with some form of data backup.


We provide a fully automated and monitored solution so you have complete peace of mind that your Backup is operating properly and have expert support when you need to restore from a backup.

Let's talk about two common misconceptions: (1) that data stored in the cloud is safe from loss and (2) that cloud solutions implicitly have backup.
Just as "the cloud" doesn't necessarily mean secure, it also doesn't mean safe from data loss. Having storage in "the cloud" really means having storage in a remote location away from your physical office space - usually in a data center. While remote storage sites typically have many features that offer strong physical protection of data (such as secure site construction, stable power sources, constant utility monitoring, etc.), data is still equally susceptible to other threats including human error, cyber attacks, and internal attacks.
When it comes to cloud based applications and storage, it's not safe to assume that backup is included. For example, Office 365 backup is not included when you move to the cloud. Be sure to know your critical business functions and never assume that moving one to the cloud means you don't need to arrange backup.

Our BaaS

Truly reliable backup.

The entire point of backup is to have something you can rely on. With our Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS), enjoy a maintenance-free, worry-free experience. Our technical support team is always just a call away and is always working to ensure your backup is optimized and operating to your expectations.

— ultimate support
  • 24/7/365 support
  • ongoing monitoring and management ensuring backup success

Secure, accessible data.

We take data security seriously. We consult with you to ensure your backup policy aligns with best practices and meets your security goals. Data is encrypted and we can offer AES-256 key encryption.

— trustworthy service
  • end-to-end encryption while in flight and at rest
  • designed to HIPAA and PCI compliance standards

Choose how and where your data is stored.

Our flexible backup solutions give you complete control over your backup configurations. Store your data locally on premise, on your cloud or ours, or take a hybrid approach. Also manage how your data is compressed for backup and when your data backup occurs.

— tailored solution
  • local, cloud and hybrid options
  • customizable levels of compression
  • complete control over backup job scheduling

Restore where and when you want.

Restore anytime with support from our 24/7/365 team. Choose to restore at any level – full image-level, individual files and folders, or application specific – with the flexibility to restore onto any environment.

— valuable service
  • 24/7/365 supported recovery
  • restore using the Internet or outgoing TCP port

Preferred partners

We’re built to work with any partner. We help our clients select the best solution for their needs and are not exclusive to any partner. 
That said, here are Backup partners we love.

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Why Veeam »

With 170+ top industry awards and #3 market share worldwide, Veeam is a leader in cloud data management and data backup and recovery solutions.
Able One Website Partners21

Why Zerto »

A part of the JMP Elite 80 for the past 6 years, Zerto is a leading software providing single digit RTO and RPO's while connecting all data in a multi cloud world.

Does your business rely on data?​

Maintain the availability and integrity of your data while ensuring compliance. Allow our team of experts advise you on and provide a reliable Backup solution.

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