Employee Security Education Program

Your security matters
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94% of cyber attacks originate with an email – that means 94% are caused by a single employee

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66% of SMB’s have experienced an cyberattack 

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the average SMB has lost $1.2 million due to the damage caused by an attack

— Your Security matters —
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of IT managers say malware threats are harder to stop compared to last year

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of SMB’s go out of business within 6 months of a data breach or security attack

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of SMB’s have experienced a data breach or security attack


Why do you need employee security training?

An organizations employees are one of their largest vulnerabilities; employees have the inside access that bad actors dream of – making employees a big target for cybercriminals. On top of that, employees can be very vulnerable to the tactics of cybercriminals.

Security awareness training is one of the most effective security investments an organization can make. The ultimate goal of security awareness training is to change employee behavior in a way that reduces risk. To do so, training programs focus on making employees aware of the myriad of ways they may be putting their organization at risk and educate employees on best practices.

Continuously improve risky employee behavior

Turn your employees into a line of defense for your security, not a vulnerability. You’ve heard of security training programs, but ours is different. Through our program, users are trained by engaging, relevant content on an ongoing basis. Most importantly, we make sure they put their training to work in their day-to-day by continuously testing them in the real world with simulated phishing emails and other tests. Our program has been proven successful in driving cybersecurity vigilance and reducing risky behavior.


An effective proven program

  • No work required
  • Affordable monthly cost structure as opposed to large lump sum
  • Training tailored for your business, departments, and individual users
  • Efficient use of your employees’ time (less than 1 hour of training per quarter)
  • Ongoing training on high priority, relevant and emerging security related topics
  • Training content provided by KnowBe4, the industry leader in security awareness training
  • Continuous testing to drive and maintain true behavior modification
  • Performance and progress reporting throughout the program
  • Expert consultation on your program and related security needs
  • Includes monitoring for exposed employee account information
OS Updates - Support levels available that include all PTFs and OS Updates.

Efficient continuous training

Don’t waste your time or money on training that you don’t need. Our curriculum is designed for Canada, can be tailored to your business and objectives, is delivered online via short engaging modules, and is constantly evolving to equip your users against current threats. Our program includes department focused content and user performance-based streaming to target high risk users with more help.

Proven methodology for modifying risky behavior

Our program not only provides education, it drives users to apply their knowledge every day. Like a mystery shopper testing how employees act in the real world, we send users well engineered mock phishing attacks on an unexpected, frequent basis to test how they respond. This teaches users to apply their training and practice the cyber vigilance. It also enables us to identify risky users and tailor additional training for them.

Program fully managed for you

Unlike other solutions that just provide you with access to content, we facilitate the full program on your behalf. This includes selecting and managing training, orchestrating ongoing mock phishing attacks, getting new employees up-to-speed, and providing reporting and consultation on program direction.


Ongoing program fully managed for you

In the first 2 months
  • Consultation to tailor your program
  • Phishing alert button added in Outlook
  • Define and document your process for handling suspected phishing emails
  • Baseline phishing test
  • Introduce your security awareness program to your team
  • Baseline security awareness survey
  • Foundational training based on phishing test and survey awareness quiz
  • One real-world phishing email
  • Additional training for users who fail the phishing test
  • List of compromised user credentials (kept confidential and sent directly to you)
  • One relevant training module for all users
  • Email about topical security threats and tips
  • (Optional) Review program
  • Review of program results and direction
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