Mobile Device Protection

Your security matters
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of all detected threats are found on mobile devices

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66% of SMB’s have experienced a cyberattack 

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the average SMB has lost $1.2 million due to the damage caused by an attack

— Your Security matters —
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of all detected threats are found on mobile devices

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of SMB’s have experienced a cyberattack

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the average SMB has lost over $1.2 mission due to the damage caused by an attack


Why do you need an mobile security solution?

With the rise of collaboration tools and their use on mobile devices, it’s important to consider mobile device protection in your security strategy. 10% of all detected threats are found on mobile devices – comparing with 37% servers, 36% network and 17% endpoints.

There are multiple ways cybercriminals can attack mobile devices and once inside, attackers can either get access into your systems or network or find information that they can use to hack in.


Eliminate mobile device vulnerabilities

Take a holistic and coordinated approach to your security by extending coverage to mobile devices. Mobile devices face unique threats and are a commonly overlooked vulnerability. Our advanced Mobile Device Protection solution protects users, their devices, and corporate data from known and never-before-seen mobile threats.


Network, device, and application security

Secure - Get the enhanced security of dedicated, isolated network, compute and storage layers that are monitored 24×7.

Intelligent, comprehensive threat identification

Our solution leverages Sophos’ market leading Intercept X deep learning engine and advanced technology. Designed specifically for the threats mobile devices face, this solution provides complete device, network, and application level security. It continuously monitors device health and provides security recommendations and alerts when devices are compromised. It also examines network connections in real time to check for suspicious characteristics that may identify an attack.

Easy threat management

Manage the protection of your mobile devices yourself in the easy-to-use Sophos console or have our team of experts yourself or have our team fully manage on your behalf – including software installation, advanced configuration, and ongoing security alert review and escalation.

Integrated solution for all device types

Have a single solution for all of your employees device types - including Android, iOS, and Chrome OS devices. Plus, our solution is integrated with Microsoft Intune, allowing administrators to build conditional access policies, restrict access to applications and data or revoke access to corporate resources when a threat is detected.


The ultimate mobile protection

  • Protection against malware or ransomware
  • Examines network connections to mitigate the risk of Man-in-the-Middle (MitM) attacks
  • Protection against malicious websites and online content
  • Web filtering for unwanted content (14 categories)
  • Blocks unsafe downloads and links
  • Phishing protection from URLs in text messages
  • Restricts access to unsafe Wi-Fi networks
  • Provides device security features, including screen lock, device encryption status, jailbreak detection, and more
  • Device integrity monitoring and device health settings recommendations
  • OS version check and upgrade advisor
  • Provides compliance check capabilities
  • Rooting/jailbreak detection
  • Stops mobile threats missed by app stores
  • App reputation analysis
  • Detection of non-App Store apps
  • Potentially unwanted apps (PUA) detection
  • Secure QR code scanner
  • Password safe
  • Authenticator (TOTP and HOTP)
  • Privacy and security advisor (side loading, device encryption)
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