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of IT managers say malware threats are harder to stop compared to last year

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of SMB’s go out of business within 6 months of a data breach or security attack

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of SMB’s have experienced a data breach or security attack

— Your Security matters —
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of IT managers say malware threats are harder to stop compared to last year

0 %

of SMB’s go out of business within 6 months of a data breach or security attack

0 %

of SMB’s have experienced a data breach or security attack


Why do you need an IBM i security solution?

IBM i is one of the most secure platforms available – which may be why you chose it. However, without the right configuration and ongoing management, you may be overconfident in your security.

IBM i is secure-able, meaning that to be secure, the platform requires ongoing inputs, such as policy development and enforcement, user profile management, virus and malware scanning, and security event journaling and escalation. IBM i security solutions can provide the monitoring, management, and reporting tools you need to secure your IBM i.


Insights and tools to build IBM i security

Able One offers a comprehensive security suite, Enforcive Enterprise Security by Precisely, which enables your team to effectively monitor, enforce and manage IBM i security and compliance. Enforcive provides a variety of solutions for complete visibility and control over the security of your IBM i environment. Easily configure your systems to meet your policies, make adjustments to your environment to address gaps in your security, layer on your security measures, monitor and receive reports and alerts on critical events, and manage incident response – all using a single, intuitive, Windows-based user interface.


Partner with the IBM i security experts at Able One

Unparalleled visibility

Effective management of security relies on readily available and easily interpreted security related information. Right from initial installation, begin discovering aspects of your system usage that you may have not been aware of previously, and gain valuable insights.

Secure - Get the enhanced security of dedicated, isolated network, compute and storage layers that are monitored 24×7.

Simplified, holistic management

Access and manage everything through an easy-to-use Windows based interface. With all controls under a single pane of glass, simplify your management of tasks and make your security policies more effective.

Tailored configurations

With the help of Able One’s experienced consultants, optimize your usage of Enforcive’s extraordinary configuration capabilities to tailor settings, alerts and more to meet your specific requirements.


A comprehensive set of IBM i security functionality

Windows Based GUI Management
  • Allows more efficient management of IBM i security than traditional green screen access
  • Customize user functionality based on need
  • Unlimited copies with purchase of Base Product
Auditing And Control of Network Access - Exit Point Security
  • Users are able to access the IBM i environment via various network protocols such as FTP, ODBC and Telnet. Auditing and control of this activity is NOT provided natively by the IBM i operating system
  • Enforcive exit point security provides this level of control, as well as extensive reporting and alerting on selected critical activity
  • Granular configuration to library & object level if desired
  • Define groups of users with similar security requirements for ease of setup and management of security policies
  • Graphical display of activity for ease of analysis
Native IBM i Log Management
  • Display, filter, and report on events logged in native IBM i audit logs (ie QAUDJRN, QHST, Message Queue)
  • Configure reports and alerts for notification of critical security events
Flexible Reporting Capability
  • Over 250 security related reports provided “out of the box”
  • Flexible and customizable to organization's specific needs
  • Ad hoc or scheduled reports in multiple formats
Database Level Auditing of Field Changes
  • Provides before/after views of fields changed in database logs
  • Easy to review changes
  • Report and alert on changes to critical data fields
Consolidation of Audit Logs
  • Consolidation of security related activity into a single log for ease of analysis and reporting
  • Ability to merge log data from different log files into a Central Audit log to facilitate analysis and reporting
Audit SQL Activity Generated Inside IBM i Environment
  • Many auditors and compliance regulations require the auditing of specific SQL activity
  • Log, filter, report and alert on suspicious activity
User Profile Management
  • Setup, configure and delete users. Roll out to Help Desk personnel if desired
  • Configure rules for inactive users for automatic deletion (and restore if necessary)
Session Timeout
  • Apply session timeout rules selectively, with different timeout rules for different groups of users if required
Role Swapping
  • Temporarily swap roles to profiles with higher authority
  • Logging of activity during swap for reporting / alerting
  • Document reason for swap, limit timeframe and other controls
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