Enabling your employees' day-to-day, everyday.​

Maximize your uptime. From login issues, to manufacturer support liaising, to workstation setup and transfers, manage all your basic IT needs through a single point of contact who’s always available and has unlimited capacity.

Our services include:

  • End-User Device Support
  • Printer Support
  • Server & Storage Support
  • Networking Support
  • Firewall Support
— Your IT Management matters —
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of businesses save 25% or more by moving to managed services solutions

0 %

of SMB’s use managed services in some capacity

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of SMB’s agree their biggest challenge is keeping up with technology

— Your IT Management matters —
0 %

of businesses save 25% or more by moving to managed services solutions

0 %

of SMB’s use managed services in some capacity

0 %

of SMB’s agree their biggest challenge is keeping up with technology

For starters...

End-User Device & Infrastructure management is responsible for handling all IT equipment related issues (including desktops, laptops, printers, servers, switches, etc.). Common support needs include workstation setup for new users, login issues, desktop glitches and freezing, VPN access, connectivity related issues, and printer issues.


Outsourcing your End-User Device & Infrastructure management - often referred to as Remote Managed Services (RMS) - moves this function to a dedicated solutions provider for optimal support.

  • Off-load non strategic IT tasks: Trust these essential but less strategic tasks to a reliable, available, expert and efficient partner so your team can remain productive and focused on your business.
  • Quickest issue resolution: Less downtime through having access to more IT support capacity at all times. Have your needs met by a large team of efficient specialists instead of generalists.
  • Continuous optimization: Proactive monitoring and management of the health of devices means that problems are often identified and resolved before the environment is impacted.
  • Access to subject matter experts: Outsourced infrastructure support is provided by a team of subject matter experts, which means that you have access to expert advice on a variety of topics that most businesses would otherwise be unlikely to afford.

Our Managed End-User Device & Infrastructure

Unlimited multi-channel assistance.

Always available support with no limits. Rely on our responsive and expert team to act just like your in-house IT (but better) for everything on-premise IT related, including constant monitoring of the health and availability of your infrastructure and devices.

— ultimate support
  • 24/7/365 coverage
  • remote and on site support 
  • unlimited requests at any time
  • Canada-based team of IT specialists

Taking on 100% responsibility.

We treat yours like our own. In addition to troubleshooting any issues that arise, we proactively monitor your environment, automatically handle all maintenance and software patching, and bring you recommendations for optimization. In addition, we act as a third party interface between you and all software vendors that support your business.

— valuable service
  • tech-enabled monitoring
  • proactive maintenance and patching
  • technical liaison with your vendors
  • continuous environment optimization

Right fit today and tomorrow.

Don’t worry about getting locked into a contract with the wrong partner. We have the technology, internal processes, and depth of offerings to provide end-user device and infrastructure support that caters to your business objectives and comfort level right now – and to evolve our solution as your business changes.

— tailored solution
  • never out-grow our services
  • make account changes anytime
  • budget friendly options
  • choose how your account is serviced

Managed equipment lifecycle.​

We continuously keep track of the state of your equipment. Our highest priority goal is extending the life of your equipment without compromising security or productivity. When you do need to replace equipment, our ongoing forecasting will provide plenty of notice and our intelligent technology procurement team is happy to help.

— comprehensive partner
  • tracked equipment inventory
  • safely extend equipment life
  • optional technology procurement 

When you need IT support, do you wish it was quicker?

Get in touch with a human via phone or electronically whenever you need assistance. 

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