Mitigate the risks you can't control.

Be prepared, be resilient. Our solution is about responding quickly to any event. Ensure your critical operations, applications and data are protected from disaster. By securely replicating your data real time and providing fully managed orchestration, we deliver maximum business availability with limited dependency on internal resources.

Our services include:

  • Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS)
  • IBM Power DR Solutions 
  • Business Resilience
— Your Disaster Recovery matters —
0 %

of businesses experienced an IT outage in the past year

0 %

of unplanned outages are caused by weather and utility failures

0 %

of decision makers are not confident in their ability to recovery from a disaster

— Your Disaster Recovery matters —
0 %

of businesses experienced an IT outage in the past year

0 %

of unplanned outages are caused by weather and utility failures

0 %

of decision makers are not confident in their ability to recovery from a disaster

For starters...

Disaster Recovery (DR) solutions support businesses in recovering from any disaster that causes downtime. Total downtime depends on (1) the recovery point - the most recent backup - and (2) the recovery time - how long it takes to begin operating again. The further back the recovery point the more data lost. The longer the recovery time, the more wasted operational capacity and disrupted your customers' experience. This downtime adds up quick - and downtime is shockingly expensive. To minimize downtime, DR solutions duplicate your data so you lose as little data as possible, provide a validated plan for handling disasters, and include a failover (a back-up infrastructure) to get your business back up and running quickly with little to no disruption.


With DR as a service (DRaaS), providers layer on ongoing maintenance (including monitoring your data replication and updating your DR capabilities as your business evolves) and expert human support to help you through disasters.

  • Reduce your business risk: Disasters happen and can cause irreparable damage - especially to the reputation and operations of a business. Minimize the risks of damaging your customers confidence and of losing irreplaceable data by being prepared.
  • Avoid costly downtime: Every second is valuable. Most businesses are shocked at the cost of potential downtime. Without DR, the costs of downtime start before the disaster even begins (due to lost data and work product). When your IT is down, the costs keep rising until your business is fully operational again.
  • Safely accelerate your business evolution: Stop limiting your agility by spending too much time worrying about "breaking something". Keep up with the competition by having a safeguard that gives you more freedom to pursue technological advancements.

At a minimum, you need a disaster recovery plan with some form of data backup. No business can be fully immune to disasters. Every industry is affected, and unfortunately, the risk and cost of disasters are constantly rising.

With DR as a service (DRaaS), have complete peace of mind that your DR preparations will work and that you will have expert support during any disaster you face.

There's no way around it. Being prepared for a disaster and being ready to get back up and running quickly requires a duplicate of all of your data, plus a duplicate of all of your infrastructure in a separate, secure location. Traditionally businesses have done exactly this, investing in a duplicate infrastructure at a second location - simultaneously doubling their infrastructure costs. 
Switching to DR as a service (DRaaS), businesses can save more than 30% on their infrastructure costs. Why? Because instead of the business doubling their infrastructure, they pay a small monthly fee to have access to a duplicate infrastructure in case of a disaster and only pay for use of that infrastructure when they need to use it. DRaaS gives you the same risk mitigation at a fraction of the price. 
Bonus: during a disaster, with DRaaS, you will be supported by a team of dedicated disaster recovery experts helping you through the process of recovery.

They can certainly sound similar, but DR is not at all glorified Backup. Put simply, Backup is about avoiding complete data loss. DR is about ensuring business applications and processes are always available - and this isn't about just data. DR involves having your data, having access to a failover, and having a plan.


Looking at the data component alone, with Backup, data is typically backed up once every 24 hours overnight. With DR, data can be replicated as often as second for second. This means that relying on your backup alone, your business could loose an entire business day of data. You may think "easy, then I'll just back up more often". However, this will increase your costs and significantly slow your systems. This is because Backup relies on point in time complete duplication of data while DR relies on replication technology that tracks changes in data, minimizing data storage and therefore minimizing cost and CPU usage.


Beyond the data, DR involves having a failover and having a plan. A failover is owning or having access to a duplicate infrastructure in a geographically different location that you can use during a disaster. Having a failover is the foundation of being able to recover quickly if your infrastructure is compromised. Having a DR plan is how you recover. For most, a DR plan is more than a document of what to do; it is a tested and validated comprehensive plan that includes contingencies and pre-written scripts that automate the recovery process and remove human error from a stressful time. With DR as a service (DRaaS), providers layer on ongoing maintenance of your DR (including monitoring your data replication and keeping your plan up-to-date as your business evolves) and expert human support to help you through disasters.


To summarize, Backup is a copy of all of your data. DR is a replication of your data, duplication of your infrastructure, a ready to implement plan, and may include disaster recovery support.

Our DRaaS

Cost-effective, secure, reliable solution.​

Our DR as a service (DRaaS) provides the most effective solution for the lowest cost. Continuously replicate critical applications, workloads and infrastructure to secure, geographically diverse locations. In case of disaster, failover to your duplicate infrastructure and have the ability to restore from multiple points at any point.

— valuable service
  • solutions for every budget
  • lower total cost of ownership
  • complete and secure data replication
  • HIPAA and PCI compliant 

Fast, easy recovery.

During a disaster is not when you want to be making business critical decisions. We design solutions to completely recover your network and security that run like clockwork and remove human error. Our solutions are tested and validated beforehand so recovering from a disaster can happen in minutes.
— trustworthy solution
  • recover in minutes instead of hours
  • seamless failover of virtual machines
  • automated orchestration for consistent recovery
  • minimum annual DR testing

Support from start to finish.​

During solution design and during disasters, we are there for you every step of the way. When all is well, we are constantly monitoring your replication. When you experience disaster, we fully support your recovery – getting you back up and running immediately and completing failback once the primary location is available again.

— ultimate support​
  • compete setup and configuration
  • fully managed recovery from disasters
  • 24/7/365 support
  • minimum quarterly solution reviews

Designed with you for you.

We work with you to the solution that meets your needs and budget. You’ll have complete control over every aspect of your DR service – and of course we will advise you on every decision. We develop a comprehensive DR playbook for your business that you can request changes to any time.  
— tailored solution
  • choose your RTO and RPO
  • client-specific DR planning 
  • customized playbook
  • seamless integration of any environment

Elevate beyond disaster recovery...

Our DRaaS is really about business resilience. Unlock the true power of a disaster recovery solution to transform your business and control costs in ways you never thought were possible.

Fearless agility

With our unlimited support and proven expertise, have the freedom and security to rapidly make the changes you need to your technology without being held back by concerns over “breaking something”. 

Workload mobility

Imagine no downtime – ever. Seamlessly and effortlessly shift your workloads. No need to restrict server maintenance to costly overnight hours. No need to delay technology updates and launches to off peak hours.

Highway anywhere

We seriously mean anywhere. Move and spread your data between AWS, Azure, IBM Cloud, Google Cloud and more with a few clicks. Take advantage of limited time discounts and don’t get tied down to one provider.

Preferred partners

We’re built to work with any partner. We help our clients select the best solution for their needs and are not exclusive to any partner. 
That said, here are Disaster Recovery partners we love.

Able One Website Partners20
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Why Veeam »

With 170+ top industry awards and #3 market share worldwide, Veeam is a leader in cloud data management and data backup and recovery solutions.
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Why Zerto »

A part of the JMP Elite 80 for the past 6 years, Zerto is a leading software providing single digit RTO and RPO's while connecting all data in a multi cloud world.
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Why Rocket iCluster »

iCluster by Rocket provides unparalleled business continuity and high availability solutions for IBM environments.

Do you care about your customer experience?

This is the most important question to consider when evaluating your DR needs. If you do, allow our team of experts advise you on the best DR solution for your business, goals and budget. 

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