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Your security matters
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94% of cyber attacks originate with an email – that means 94% are caused by a single employee

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66% of SMB’s have experienced an cyberattack 

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the average SMB has lost $1.2 million due to the damage caused by an attack

— Your Security matters —
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of IT managers say malware threats are harder to stop compared to last year

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of SMB’s go out of business within 6 months of a data breach or security attack

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of SMB’s have experienced a data breach or security attack


Why do you need an email security solution?

Most businesses rely on email, making it a large (and effective) target for cybercriminals. The average SMB receives approximately 5 million emails a year. Of those emails, 1.4 million are spam, 540 are malicious attacks, 2,845 impersonation attacks (Mimecast). That’s a lot of dangerous emails to rely on your employees to handle properly – which is why email is the source of 94% of cyber attacks.

Email security and email filtering solutions take some of the burden off employees. They use intelligently analyze emails to prevent dangerous emails from reaching your employees. They look for a variety of red flags that signal potential risks. 

Email service providers often include provide some level of email filtering and categorization. However, it’s often not enough. For example, 28% of emails delivered after being scanned by Microsoft E5 security are spam, phishing, malicious files and ransomware.

Beyond email filtering, email security solutions include email encryption, prevention of the sharing of confidential information, and other features to help organizations keep control of what’s allowed out and in.

Trust your mailbox again and automatically protect sensitive data

Don’t rely solely on your end-users to follow email security best practices – stop ransomware, spam and phishing attacks before they can reach your mailboxes and enforce policies to manage sensitive data sharing. Our email ptoection solution integrates seamlessly with your email provider to scan both inbound and outbound email traffic. Leveraging best-of-breed threat detection intelligence and AI, the software automatically blocks attacks, identifies suspicious emails, and prevents or encrypts sensitive outgoing emails.


Advanced comprehensive email security solution

  • Leverages award winning advanced predictive technology that uses behavioral analysis and a global threat network to to stop never-before-seen attacks, boot record attacks, and the thousands of new spam and malware threats discovered every hour
  • Email encryption
  • Block sensitive data from being released by your employees
  • Granular control of data breach prevention policies, including multi-rule policies for groups and individual users with seamless integration of encryption
  • Boost business continuity with a backup mailbox available 24/7
  • Seamless integration with Microsoft 365, Google G Suite, on-premises Exchange 2003+, and many more email providers
OS Updates - Support levels available that include all PTFs and OS Updates.

Intelligent, comprehensive threat identification

Our solution is the most advanced anti-ransomware available. It leverages award winning technology, the latest in AI, a deep learning neural network, and behavioral analysis to stop all kinds of attacks – including never-before-seen threats and stealthy time delayed attacks that other solutions miss. Our solution scans for threats embedded in both email messages and inside of attachments to deliver the most comprehensive threat identification available.

Easy threat management

Our solution fully integrates with your email provider and blocks, quarantines, and identifies suspicious emails. End-users can easily access quarantined emails and can safely view and release them. In addition, you will receive consolidated and detailed reporting on email threats and end-user engagement with them.

Secure sensitive data

We will help you design and implement a policy for sensitive data sharing via email. Once implemented, our software will automatically scan message bodies and attachments for sensitive data and will automatically block or encrypt messages as required to comply with your policy.


Protect against known and unknown threats​

  • Inbound Message Scanning
  • Outbound Message Scanning
  • Domain / Group / User Policies
  • Admin and User Quarantine
  • Admin Allow / Block Lists
  • AD Sync or Azure AD Sync
  • 24/7 Emergency Inbox
  • Message Processing Locations
  • Anti Spam Filters
  • Delay Queue
  • Inbound SPF, DKIM and DMARC
  • Display Name & Lookalike Domain Analysis
  • Anti Virus Filters
  • Time-of-Click URL Protection
  • Push-based Email Encryption
  • Enforced TLS encryption
  • Data Loss Prevention
  • Content control policies (keyword and file types)
  • Reporting dashboard and detailed reports
  • Role-based access via portal
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