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of IT managers say malware threats are harder to stop compared to last year

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of SMB’s go out of business within 6 months of a data breach or security attack

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of SMB’s have experienced a data breach or security attack

— Your Security matters —
0 %

of IT managers say malware threats are harder to stop compared to last year

0 %

of SMB’s go out of business within 6 months of a data breach or security attack

0 %

of SMB’s have experienced a data breach or security attack


Why do you need an IBM i security assessment?

IBM i is one of the most secure platforms available – which may be why you chose it. However, without the right configuration and ongoing management, you may be overconfident in your security.

IBM i is secure-able, meaning that to be secure, the platform requires ongoing inputs, such as policy development and enforcement, user profile management, virus and malware scanning, and security event journaling and escalation.

An IBM i security assessment if the first step to securing the platform. It uncovers vulnerabilities, identifies actions required, and provides guidance for prioritizing remediation.


Inform your IBM i security strategy

Our IBM i Security Risk Assessment delivers the deep insights you need to improve your security and develop priorities. Unlike other generic security assessments, our assessment is designed specifically for IBM i and is conducted by experienced IBM i security experts. We use a licensed IBM i Risk Assessment tool to uncover and collect critical security related information. Then our IBM i security analysts review and compare your data against the latest IBM i security best practices to develop a comprehensive, insightful and actionable analysis.


Partner with the IBM i security experts at Able One

Comprehensive analysis

We use a licensed IBM i Security Assessment tool to look at over 60 system parameters. This enables us to deliver the most in-depth analysis while protecting the privacy of your information. Our qualified team analyzes these results and provides recommendations to help you prioritize your remediation actions and implement your enhanced security strategies in the most effective way possible.

Actionable IBM specific insights

Our assessments are conducted by a human team of IT professionals. As opposed to a computer generated list of action items, we craft unbiased, insightful, strategic, well-rounded recommendations truly tailored to your business.

IBM i security expertise

We’ve been an authorized IBM i Business Partner for over 30 years and have been actively involved in providing IBM i Security services for 15+ years. Our team is qualified to deliver reliable insights and consulting.


Minimal disruption, incredible insights

Step 1

We consult with your team to deploy a licensed IBM i Security Assessment tool that securely collects data from your system and compares it with IBM security best practices

Step 2

Our experienced IBM i consultants interpret the results and prepare a comprehensive report of findings and recommendations

Step 3

We present our findings and consult with you on which vulnerabilities are unavoidable, which can be mitigated, and how to prioritize next steps


Completed within 2-3 weeks

What we look at

  • User Profile authority and status
  • Group Profiles and Authorization Lists
  • Password practices including default passwords & passwords that don’t expire
  • Registered Exit Point security
  • Network access and configuration
  • System Value settings
  • Access control for library system objects
  • Access control for IFS directories

What we deliver

  • Summary of key findings along with our recommended next steps
  • Risk Assessment Results Report: a comprehensive report of our analysis, including a current versus best practices gap analysis and recommendations for corrective action
  • Supplemental Reports: over 30 reports that provide details specific to your system and support remediation efforts
client reviews

20+ years helping clients with our IBM i security expertise

Cadillac Fairview

“As part of corporate (COBIT) IT controls, we are accountable to bi-annual security assessments for our iSeries. Able One who stepped up and solved this big problem for us. After providing them with the framework that was used to create previous reports, Able One provided a comprehensive report that passed our audit.”

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