How Disaster Recovery is future-proofing businesses



  • Learn with basics of Disaster Recovery with a 101 crash course covering RTOs and RPOs, data replication, the costs of downtime, and your risk exposure
  • Understand the essential components of a Disaster Recovery solution 
  • Understand why Backup alone doesn’t cut it
  • Learn the latest in DR solutions and how they can take you beyond a “risk mitigation” plan and become a platform for business resilience and enablement, enhancing security against ransomware, providing workload mobility, and future-proofing your IT operations
  • Get insight on what to think about when choosing a DR solution



One of the biggest fears for businesses is the fear of the unknown. We all want to be resilient and go to extreme lengths to be prepared for anything but still find ourselves caught off guard. Accidents by employees, attacks by cybercriminals, changes in technology, and external economic shocks constantly wreak havoc for businesses of all sizes.

This webinar focuses on mitigating risks and future-proofing business with modern Disaster Recovery & Business Resilience solutions. From the basics to the limits of possibility, we’ll cover everything from overcoming business disruptions to keeping your data and employee productivity protected to proactive solutions for continuous availability, data mobility, and forward-thinking agility. Learn how DR can provide data protection, better security, quicker development, improved productivity, easier cloud management, and more.

Presented by Able One

This webinar covers all things DR - starting with a 101 and advancing to DR as a tool for data protection, cybersecurity, DevOps agility, and more.