Why the cloud still needs backup

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  • Debunking the misconception that data stored in the cloud is safe and that cloud solutions like Office 365 intrinsically have backup
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Let’s talk about two common misconceptions: (1) that data stored in the cloud is safe from loss and (2) that cloud solutions implicitly have backup.

Just as “the cloud” doesn’t necessarily mean secure, it also doesn’t mean safe from data loss. Having storage in “the cloud” really means having storage in a remote location away from your physical office space – usually in a data center. While remote storage sites typically have many features that offer strong physical protection of data (such as secure site construction, stable power sources, constant utility monitoring, etc.), data is still equally susceptible to other threats including human error, cyber attacks, and internal attacks.

When it comes to cloud based applications and storage, it’s not safe to assume that backup is included. For example, Office 365 backup is not included when you move to the cloud. Be sure to know your critical business functions and never assume that moving one to the cloud means you don’t need to arrange backup.

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Melanie Magier

Marketing manager, Able One

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